When it comes to selling your home, a ‘chain’ refers to the line of buyers and sellers involved at the same time in property transactions which are linked- therefore if one of these is delayed or falls through the chain becomes ‘broken’ and affects the whole line of those involved- usually halting the moving process.  As well as financial stress if you need the cash fast, this can also be an emotionally stressful time if you are planning to move home.

There are many reasons which can cause a ‘broken chain’.  Potential home buyers might withdraw from a deal because of financial problems of their own, losing their jobs, last minute emergency financial issues or other circumstances.  Given the current economic climate, this is not uncommon.  If this situation occurs, you are left with a house that needs to be sold FAST in order for you to buy your new dream home- and worst case scenario, avoid repossession.

The good news is that the Property Project team are here to help.  Our team will work closely with you to assess your individual needs and use an independent external expert to value your property

for a fair and genuine cash offer.

  • Our friendly team can assess your situation on an individual basis and give you options to meet your requirements.
  • No need to worry about other people’s intentions, avoid broken chain for good!
  • We ensure you get the cash you need quickly to buy your new home and move out fast
  • We will work closely with you and around your completion dates and time frame
  • If you agree to sell your property to our cash buyers, you will get quick cash and avoid repossession
  • You will have peace of mind!  Our ethos means we strive to be ethical, honest and genuine in our approach to property buying

If you need to sell your house quickly, can you really afford to wait?  Using estate agents can take months as well as costing you money.

Fix that broken chain TODAY and call one of our friendly team to get the ball rolling instantly.  Our cash buyers are ready and waiting to buy your property fast so you can move on with your own home buying plans!