Going through a divorce or period of separation is one of the most stressful events you can experience during your life and truly is a time of anxiety, heartache and sadness. Add to that the hassle of trying to sell your home at this time, it’s no wonder if you find yourself frustrated and emotionally exhausted!

It can often take between six to twelve months to sell your house when using an estate agent, which further draws out this difficult time.  It may be that you need the money following your painful divorce, or perhaps you want to relocate closer to your family for comfort and support.  We can help you to make a clean break by offering you the opportunity of a quick sale of your property, and get that fresh start you desire a lot faster!  Sale proceeds from your home can can clear your mortgage and any joint debts.  If you have equity left over, it can be divided between you and allow you to move on to the next phase in your lives without any financial ties.

  • Our highly-trained team specialises in buying properties fast, and in today’s market we are your quickest option for a speedy sale.
  • We have the experience to offer you the best advice on your individual situation and endeavour to take the stress away from you during this difficult time.
  • Our team will ensure the sale process of you property is well managed on both sides.
  • Once our offer is agreed, a sale of your home is usually guaranteed!