Given today’s economic climate and increasing living costs, you wouldn’t be alone if rising mortgage repayments mean you are worried about the threat of repossession. Unfortunately, just a few missed payments give your lenders the right to initiate repossession proceedings against your home. As well as losing your house or flat, the threat of eviction and financial loss, your future credit rating will be greatly affected making it hard for you to own your own place again. A situation best avoided!

If you find yourself in this position, you may be thinking that handing over the keys is your only solution- however, this is not the case as you are still liable for paying any outstanding loans, interest or debts. In addition, when a property is repossessed by a bank you have no guarantee of getting any money over and above your mortgage, not to mention all the legal costs involved! Repossessions are often sold quickly at auction meaning your property will not achieve anything near its market value- the situation you are facing is hard enough but do you really want to lose equity on the place you worked hard to make your own?

Why not let us help you by offering to buy your home within 28 days? Our experts can help settle your mortgage in full and help stop repossession before it starts! Our expert team specialises in the quick buying of properties, and fast sales too- once our offer is agreed, a sale of your home is usually guaranteed! In addition, we will happily offer you the best advice on your personal situation and help ease the stress during this difficult time.